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Antenna-retaining device for a motor vehicle, and motor vehicle having an antenna-retaining device
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1. An antenna-retaining device of a motor vehicle for retaining a monopole antenna in an emitting position, comprising:
an antenna carrier plate comprising a stiffening rib to reduce vibrations of the antenna carrier plate;
a motor-vehicle coupling device configured to fasten the antenna carrier plate to a vehicle body, wherein:
the vehicle body is distant from the monopole antenna retained in the emitting position; and
the antenna carrier plate is electrically conductive and forms an electrical counterpoise to the monopole antenna; and
a counterpoise extension comprising a slot and an electrically conductive tab element, wherein:
the counterpoise extension is interconnected with the antenna carrier plate;
the counterpoise extension and the monopole antenna are arranged on opposite sides of the antenna carrier plate; and
an angle between a surface of the counterpoise extension and a planar emitting region or a longitudinal axis of the monopole antenna is in a range between 90° to 180°.