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Electronic apparatus
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1. An electronic apparatus configured to be placed on a placement surface, comprising:
a storage chassis having a pair of main faces facing each other in a thickness direction of the storage chassis and an end face extending from one main face to the other main face, the main faces and the end face defining a storage space;
an electronic component disposed in the storage space;
an antenna circuit disposed in the storage space whereby at least a part of the antenna circuit overlaps with the electronic component in the thickness direction; and
a proximity sensor circuit connected to the antenna circuit, the proximity sensor circuit configured to detect proximity of an object based on a physical quantity that changes according to proximity of the object, wherein
the antenna circuit includes
a substrate,
an antenna element disposed on the substrate, and
an antenna ground disposed on the substrate and surrounding the antenna element, and
the proximity sensor circuit is located in an end space defined between the electronic component and the end face.