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Vertically transitioning between substrate integrated waveguides (SIWs) within a multilayered printed circuit board (PCB)
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11. A multilayered printed circuit board (PCB) comprising:
a first substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) implemented in a first layer of the PCB, the first SIW having a first terminal portion;
a second SIW implemented in a second layer of the PCB, the second SIW having a second terminal portion that overlaps with the first terminal portion;
a first ground plane separating the first SIW and the second SIW; and
a vertical transition comprising in an aperture the first ground plane that is disposed in an area defined by the overlap of the first terminal portion and the second terminal portion, wherein the first SIW includes a first set of ground vias crossing the first SIW adjacent to a first side of the aperture and the second SIW includes a second set of ground vias crossing the second SIW adjacent to a second side of the aperture, such that the first set of ground vias and the second set of ground vias guide a signal through the aperture from the first layer to the second layer, and wherein the first layer of the PCB and the second layer of the PCB are separated by one or more additional layers including a second ground plane having a second aperture corresponding to the aperture of the first ground plane, and wherein the first set of ground vias extends from a bottom of the first ground plane of the first SIW to the second ground plane, and wherein the second set of vias extend from the first ground plane to a top of the second ground plane of the second SIW.