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Packaging structure including a substrate having a coplanar waveguide, an air bridge and a superconducting material compensating structure formed thereon
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1. A packaging structure, comprising:
a substrate;
a coplanar waveguide comprising a first ground wire, a second ground wire, and a signal wire, wherein the first ground wire, the second ground wire, and the signal wire are disposed on a surface of the substrate at intervals, and the signal wire is located between the first ground wire and the second ground wire;
an air bridge comprising a first end connected with the first ground wire and a second end connected with the second ground wire, wherein a first gap exists between the air bridge and a surface of the signal wire away from the substrate; and
a compensation structure configured to contact at least one of the substrate, the coplanar waveguide or the air bridge, wherein a material of the compensation structure comprises a superconducting material.