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Battery module with improved safety, battery pack including the battery module and vehicle including the battery pack
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1. A battery module comprising:
two or more battery cells, wherein the two or more battery cells are pouch type secondary batteries, each battery cell having an electrode assembly having ends respectively connected to a first end of an electrode lead of opposite polarities sealed in a pouch case together with an electrolyte and a second end of each electrode lead exposed to an outside of the pouch case,
wherein the electrode leads and a bus bar are connected to a first battery cell and a second battery cell of the two or more battery cells,
wherein the bus bar comprises a metal layer and a material layer that is conductive, but capable of acting as a resistor above a predetermined temperature,
wherein the material layer comprises a gas generating material that is decomposed at the predetermined temperature or higher to generate a gas and increase resistance, and
wherein the bus bar includes a block and a body, the block being connected to the electrode leads, the block embedded in a first surface of the body, a surface of the block being exposed to an outside coplanar with the first surface of the body, the material layer being interposed between the body and the block to separate the block from the body.