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1. A battery pack housing configured to receive an array of electrochemical cells, the cells of the array disposed side-by-side along a stacking axis when received within the battery pack housing, the battery pack housing comprising a container that includes:
a base that includes an inner surface, an outer surface opposed to the inner surface, and a peripheral edge that joins the inner surface to the outer surface;
an outer wall that surrounds the peripheral edge and protrudes from the base in a direction that is normal to the inner surface of the base, the outer wall including a first portion, a second portion adjoining the first portion, a third portion adjoining the second portion and opposed to the first portion, and a fourth portion opposed to the second portion;
an inner wall that extends between the first portion and the third portion, and is disposed between the second portion and the fourth portion, the inner wall including an inner surface configured to contact an outermost portion of the array of electrochemical cells; and
a rigid spacer configured to abut the inner wall, the spacer being tapered along an axis that is perpendicular to the base in such a way that in response to a first force applied to the spacer along the axis that is perpendicular to the base, the spacer, the outer wall, and the inner wall cooperate to apply a compressive second force to the array of electrochemical cells in a direction parallel to the stacking axis when the array of electrochemical cells is received within the battery pack housing.