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Method and system for analyzing swelling behavior of lithium secondary battery
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1. A method for analyzing a swelling behavior of a lithium secondary battery, comprising:
(S1) installing a detachable pressurizing holder for fixing a battery sample and a charge/discharge cable connected with an external charging/discharging device to an X-ray computed tomography (CT) imaging equipment;
(S2) inserting the battery sample into the detachable pressurizing holder, contacting an electrode lead of the battery sample with a terminal of the charge/discharge cable, and then operating the external charging/discharging device to perform charging and discharging; and
(S3) during the performing of charging and discharging of the battery sample, irradiating and scanning X-ray on the battery sample at an angle ranging from −10° to 10° while rotating the battery sample to obtain a 3D image, and then measuring a change in the thickness of the electrode inside the battery sample from the 3D image,
wherein the detachable pressurizing holder includes a pair of plate-shaped members parallel to the surface of the cell sample and a pair of pressurizing sponges interposed between the pair of plate-shaped members, and the battery sample is inserted between the pressurizing sponges.