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Secondary battery and preparation method thereof, and battery module, battery pack, and apparatus containing such secondary battery
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1. A lithium ion secondary battery, comprising a cathode, an anode, a separator, and an electrolyte, wherein the anode comprises a negative electrode plate, wherein the negative electrode plate comprises a negative-electrode current collector and a negative-electrode film layer that is disposed on at least one surface of the negative-electrode current collector and that comprises a negative-electrode active material, the negative-electrode active material containing graphite, wherein the graphite comprises artificial graphite, wherein a median particle size by volume Dv50 of the negative-electrode active material satisfies 8 μm≤Dv50≤16 μm, wherein an areal density (AD) of the negative-electrode film layer satisfies 0.09 kg/m2≤AD≤0.117 kg/m2, wherein a press density (PD) of the negative-electrode film layer satisfies 1.53 g/m3≤PD≤1.68 g/m3, wherein the negative electrode plate satisfies the following:
when the negative electrode plate and a lithium metal sheet constitute a button battery which is discharged to 5.0 millivolts (mV) at 0.05 Coulomb (C), a capacity increment curve V-dQ/dV of the button battery has a third-order lithiation phase transition peak of graphite at position 0.055 volts (V)-0.085V.