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Microporous battery separators including polyolefin layer and non-woven layer with alkylbenzene sulfonic acid lithium salt surfactant, lithium batteries utilizing the same, and methods of manufacture of the same
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1. A microporous battery separator for a lithium battery, comprising:
a) a polyolefin layer which comprises at least one membrane of polypropylene; and
b) at least one non-woven layer on at least one side of the polyolefin layer, wherein the non-woven layer comprises polypropylene, and wherein the separator has a surfactant coating thereon and wherein the surfactant coating consists of a combination of lithium salts of a linear and branched alkylbenzene sulfonic acid depicted in the following chemical structures (1) and (2) in a combined weight add-on amount of from about 1.37% to about 10.0 wt. %:

OG Complex Work Unit Chemistry
where R is an alkyl functionality having the following formula CnH2n+1 with n >6 and Xm+is Li+or

OG Complex Work Unit Chemistry
where R1 and R2 are independently an alkyl functionality which can be CnH2n+1, with n>6 and Xm+is Li+.