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Superwide pouch type secondary battery with double tabs
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1. A pouch type secondary battery comprising:
an electrode assembly including a cathode plate, an anode plate, and a separator;
a pouch surrounding the electrode assembly; and electrode tabs connected to both ends of the electrode assembly and protruding outward of the pouch,
wherein the electrode tabs connected to the both ends of the electrode assembly include two or more pairs of a cathode tabs and an anode tabs, respectively,
Wc/Hc>4 in which Hc is a length of a battery cell at edges in a first direction of the battery cell to which the electrode tabs are connected and We is a length of the battery cell at edges in a second direction of the battery cell except for protrusion lengths of the electrode tabs, the second direction being perpendicular to the first direction, and,
wherein at least one cathode tab and at least one anode tab are positioned on each side.