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Control method and control system for fuel cell stop mode
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1. A method for a fuel cell stop mode, comprising:
operating an air blower to supply air to a fuel cell stack;
measuring, by a controller, an air flow rate supplied to the fuel cell stack;
when the fuel cell stop mode is entered, determining, by the controller, an oxygen distribution state between cells included in the fuel cell stack based on the measured air flow rate; and
adjusting the air supply based on the determined oxygen distribution state,
an oxygen consumption amount is estimated based on a charge amount obtained by integrating an output current of the fuel cell stack for a predetermined integration time,
an oxygen distribution state is determined based on a remaining oxygen amount obtained by subtracting the oxygen consumption amount from the oxygen supply amount,
the oxygen distribution state is divided into a plurality of stages based on the degree of non-uniformity of an oxygen distribution, and
the air blower is operated at a predetermined rotation speed, and a driving time of the air blower is increased correlative to the stages of non-uniformity.