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Fuel cell system
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1. A fuel cell system comprising: an outer container, wherein inside the outer container are provided the following components:
a storage vessel for storing a cryogenically liquefied working fluid, wherein the cryogenically liquefied working fluid in the storage vessel is liquid hydrogen,
a fuel cell arrangement, wherein the fuel cell arragnement includes one or more hydrogen fuel cells, and
a power cable coupled at one end to the fuel cell arrangement and extending through an exterior wall of the outer container such that a second end of the cable extends outside the outer container;
wherein the outer container defines an enclosed chamber, the enclosed chamber is substantially sealed such that, in use, leaking of the working fluid is substantially prevented,
a gasification device is provided inside the enclsoed chamber and is coupled to the storage vessel and to the fuel cell arrangement,
an ambient air inlet is coupled to the fuel cell arrangement,
the fuel cell arrangement is a replaceable plug-and-play unit for a road vehicle, a train, a ship, or a construction vehicle, and
a control unit provided inside the enclosed chamber is configured to control flow between components within the enclosed chamber, wherein valves are provided to control the flow between the components within the enclosed chamber.