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Method and apparatus for manufacturing core-shell catalyst
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1. An apparatus for manufacturing a core-shell catalyst, the apparatus comprising:
a reaction chamber which is divided into a first region and a second region, in which a height and a diameter of the second region are greater than a height and a diameter of the first region so that a flow of a solvent caused by a laser emission is minimized and a height of the solvent measured at a focal point controlled in advance is constantly maintained, and the first region and the second region are connected in a streamlined shape;
a reaction solution which is accommodated in the reaction chamber;
a laser light source which emits energy to a metal ingot in the first region, wherein an output of the laser light source is 0.1 to 40 J/cm2;
a solution injecting unit which injects a mixture solution including a copper precursor and a platinum precursor into the second region;
a display unit which measures and displays, in real time, a copper precursor content and a platinum precursor content in the second region, a type of the reaction solution, applied voltage, and the output of the emitted laser source;
a particle diameter measuring device which measures a particle diameter of a metal nanoparticle manufactured in the second region;
a reference electrode and a counter electrode which are supported in the reaction solution in the second region;
a power source unit which applies voltage to electrodes; and
a pump which circulates a solution discharged from the second region to the first region,
wherein a part of an upper surface in the first region of the reaction chamber is made of a glass material, a metal ingot holder is accommodated in the reaction chamber, and a metal ingot capsule is accommodated on the metal ingot holder.