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Method for manufacturing negative electrode for secondary battery and negative electrode for secondary battery
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1. A method of manufacturing a negative electrode for a secondary battery, the method comprising:
preparing a lithium metal sheet formed by a release film coated with a lithium metal or to which the lithium metal is adhered in a form of a thin film and wound into a roll;
forming a pattern in the lithium metal with a tool having the pattern; and
laminating the patterned lithium metal sheet to allow the lithium metal to be adjacent to a negative electrode material mixture, to thereby manufacture a negative electrode in which lithium metal is laminated,
wherein the laminating comprises applying a pressure to the negative electrode having the lithium metal thereon to manufacture the negative electrode,
wherein the release film is coated with silicon,
wherein the pattern in the lithium metal is a stripe, mesh, wave or circular pattern, and
wherein forming the pattern in the lithium metal and the laminating occurs simultaneously.