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Method for configuring and prelithiating a fast charging cell
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1. A method for configuring and prelithiating a fast charging cell, the method comprising:
prelithiating at least one anode of the fast charging cell to reach a lithium content determined by:
an anode content of at least one of Si, Ge and Sn,
anode capacity loss during formation, and
a required cycling lifetime;
wherein the fast charging cell comprises at least one cathode and is configured to be charged at a maximal charging rate of at least 4 C;
adjusting components of at least one electrolyte of the fast charging cell to increase cycling lifetime,
adjusting an energy density of the fast charging cell by increasing the determined lithium content, as long as the required cycling lifetime is maintained, and
reducing a C/A (cathode to anode load) ratio according to the determined lithium content and the adjusted energy density.