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Light emitting device having a substrate with a pattern of protrusions and manufacturing method thereof
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1. A light emitting device, comprising:
a substrate;
a pattern of a plurality of protrusions protruding from the substrate in a first direction, the plurality of protrusions arranged side by side in a second direction being perpendicular to the first direction;
a first semiconductor layer provided on the substrate;
an active layer provided on the first semiconductor layer; and
a second semiconductor layer provided on the active layer, wherein:
each of the protrusions includes:
a first layer integrally formed with the substrate and protruding from an upper surface of the substrate in the first direction; and
a second layer provided on the first layer and formed of a material different from that of the first layer, wherein a distance between centers of two adjacent protrusions in the second direction corresponds to a pitch, and a ratio of a diameter of the protrusion to the pitch of the protrusion pattern is about 0.8 to about 1.0;
voids aligned with a side of the plurality of protrusions in the second direction, wherein the voids are located adjacent to an upper portion of the first layer near an edge of an interface between the first layer and the second layer;
wherein a refractive index of the first layer is greater than that of the second layer;
wherein the sum of the heights of the first layer and the second layer is more than 1.7 μm.