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MOS transistors capable of blocking reverse current
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1. A high-voltage semiconductor device, comprising:
a MOS transistor, comprising;
a semiconductor substrate of a first conduction type;
a well of a second conduction type, the opposite of the first conduction type, formed on the semiconductor substrate;
a body of the first conduction type, formed on the well;
a doped source of the second conduction type, formed on the body and electrically connected to the body; and
a control gate formed above the body, for controlling electric connection between the doped source and the well; and
a Schottky barrier diode, comprising:
a metal, functioning to be an anode of the Schottky barrier diode, contacting the well to form a Schottky barrier junction therebetween;
wherein the metal of the Schottky barrier diode does not electrically short to the doped source, so that the Schottky barrier diode blocks reverse current flowing from the doped source, via the well, to the metal.