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Display apparatus using semiconductor light-emitting device
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1. A display apparatus, comprising:
a substrate having a wiring electrode; and
a semiconductor light-emitting device that emits light to an upper surface thereof, has a conductive electrode electrically connected to the wiring electrode on a lower surface thereof, and has at least a side surface of which is covered by a passivation layer,
wherein the conductive electrode comprises:
an insulating region formed as a flat surface and as an annular shape to cover an edge of the conductive electrode by the passivation layer in a first portion thereof, and
a concave-convex region exposed by the passivation layer and electrically connected to the wiring electrode in a second portion thereof, a surface of the concave-convex region being formed with concavity and convexity,
wherein a plurality of grooves are formed on an upper surface of the semiconductor light-emitting device, and
wherein an adhesive electrode is disposed between the conductive electrode and the passivation layer and is formed as the annular shape in the first portion of the insulating region.