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Dual conversion gain image sensor pixels
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1. An image sensor device, comprising:
a photosensitive device configured to generate charges in response to incident light;
a floating diffusion region electrically coupled to the photosensitive device and configured to store the charges; and
a gain conversion circuit, wherein the gain conversion circuit includes:
a switch transistor having a first terminal, a second terminal, and a control terminal, wherein the first terminal is electrically coupled to the floating diffusion region,
a first capacitive element including a third terminal and a fourth terminal, the third terminal being electrically coupled to the second terminal, the fourth terminal being electrically coupled to a reference voltage, and
a second capacitive element electrically coupled to the first capacitive element in parallel,
wherein the first capacitive element comprises a first doped portion in a semiconductor substrate, and the first doped portion is disposed in an active region extending from the floating diffusion region,
wherein the floating diffusion region includes a third capacitive element associated with a second doped portion in the semiconductor substrate, and
wherein a capacitance of the second capacitive element is greater than a capacitance of the first capacitive element, and the capacitance of the first capacitive element is greater than a capacitance of the third capacitive element.