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Channelized filter using semiconductor fabrication
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1. A semiconductor technology implemented high-frequency channelized filter comprising:
a substantially planar dielectric substrate;
metal traces disposed on one of two major surfaces of the substrate;
an input and output port disposed on the substrate;
one of the metal traces carrying a high-frequency signal to be filtered between the input and output port;
a plurality of other of the metal traces, connected to the one metal trace at intervals along the length of the one metal trace, each providing a reactance to the high-frequency signal where the reactance varies with frequency;
additional traces of the metal traces serving as a reference ground for the one metal trace and the other metal traces;
a silicon enclosure mounted to the substrate with a first planar surface with cavities in the enclosure that extend through the first surface, internal walls within the silicon enclosure defining the cavities;
a layer of conductive metal covers the first planar surface, cavities and internal walls;
the silicon enclosure having substantially continuous areas of metal on the first planar surface about the periphery of the silicon enclosure that engage corresponding areas of the additional traces about the periphery of the substrate;
the cavities surround the respective other metal traces with the internal cavity walls engaging the additional traces adjacent the respective other metal traces to individually surround each of the other metal traces with a conductive metal thereby providing electromagnetic field isolation between each of the other metal traces; and
conductive engagement is formed between the first planar surfaces and the additional traces to establish a common reference ground therebetween.