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Semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof
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7. A manufacturing method of a semiconductor package, comprising:
forming an insulating layer over a carrier;
patterning the insulating layer to form a first insulating core and a second insulating core;
forming a first seed layer and a first conductive layer on a top surface and a sidewall of the first insulating core;
forming a second seed layer and a second conductive layer on a top surface and a sidewall of the second insulating core;
attaching a semiconductor die onto the carrier, wherein a through via structure comprising the first insulating core, the first seed layer and the first conductive layer as well as a dipole structure comprising the second insulating core, the second seed layer and the second conductive layer are located aside the semiconductor die;
laterally encapsulating the through via structure, the dipole structure and the semiconductor die with an encapsulant; and
removing the carrier.