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Methods and systems for transposition channel routing
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1. A device comprising:
a printed circuit board (PCB) comprising an array of contact pads;
a plurality of signal lines disposed on the PCB, wherein a portion of the plurality of signal lines comprise an escape route on the PCB;
a plurality of routing channels, wherein each routing channel is positioned between a first row of contact pads and a second row of contact pads, wherein each routing channel comprises a first channel on a first PCB layer and a second transposition channel on a second PCB layer, and wherein a pair of signal lines are routed in the routing channel; and
one or more transposition junctions disposed within the escape route, wherein a respective transposition junction comprises a plurality of pairs of vias respectively positioned in the plurality of routing channels, and wherein a respective pair of vias are configured to connect the first channel on the first PCB layer to the corresponding second transposition channel on the second PCB layer in such a way that the corresponding pair of signal lines are routed from the first PCB layer to the second PCB layer with their relative positions switched, thereby reducing crosstalk between the corresponding pair of signal lines.