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Using a trained neural network for use in in-situ monitoring during polishing and polishing system
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1. A computer program product, tangibly embodied in a non-transitory computer readable medium, comprising instructions to cause one or more computers to:
during polishing of a conductive layer formed of a first material having a first conductivity on a substrate at a polishing station, receive from an in-situ eddy current monitoring system a plurality of measured signals values for a plurality of different locations on the layer;
generate thickness measurements for the locations, the instructions to generate thickness measurements including instructions to calculate initial thickness values based on the plurality of measured signals values and process the initial thickness values through a neural network that was trained using training data acquired by measuring calibration substrates having a conductive layer formed of a second material having a second conductivity that is lower than the first conductivity to generate adjusted thickness values; and
at least one of detect a polishing endpoint or modify a polishing parameter based on the thickness measurements.