US 11,658,074 B2
Structure and method for FinFET device with source/drain modulation
Ta-Chun Lin, Hsinchu (TW); Kuo-Hua Pan, Hsinchu (TW); and Jhon Jhy Liaw, Hsinchu County (TW)
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1. A method, comprising:
providing a workpiece having a semiconductor substrate with a first circuit area and a second circuit area;
forming a first active region within the first circuit area and a second active region within the second circuit area;
forming a first gate structure on the first active region and a second gate structure on the second active region, the first gate structure having first gate stacks with a first gate spacing and the second gate structure having second gate stacks with a second gate spacing different from the first gate spacing;
forming a first patterned mask covering the second active region;
introducing a doping species to the first active region while second active region is covered by the first patterned mask;
removing the first patterned mask;
performing an etching process, thereby simultaneously recessing both first source/drain regions of the first active region and second source/drain regions of the second active region; and
thereafter, epitaxially growing first source/drain features within the first source/drain regions and second source/drain features within the second source/drain regions.