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Unit for supplying liquid, apparatus and method for treating substrate having the unit
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1. An apparatus for treating a substrate, the apparatus comprising:
a treating container defining a treatment space inside the treating container;
a substrate support unit configured to support a substrate in the treatment space; and
a liquid supply unit configured to supply treatment liquid the substrate supported by the substrate support unit,
wherein the liquid supply unit includes:
a nozzle:
a supply line configured to supply the treatment liquid to the nozzle;
a first valve mounted in the supply line; and
a discharge line branching from a branch point downstream of the first valve in the supply line, the discharge line configured to discharge the treatment liquid from the supply line;
a second valve mounted in the discharge line, and
wherein in the supply line, a valve is absent in an area between the branch point and the nozzle, in the supply line, and
wherein a first part of a downstream area, which extends from the branch point in a downstream direction, having a curve shape;
a second part extending from the first part and provided at a position in a line with a position of the first part or lower than the position of the first part; and
a third part extending from the second part, positioned higher than the first part, and including an end of the downstream area, and
wherein a first sensor is installed in the third part to sense a water level of the treatment liquid in the downstream area.