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Plasma etching apparatus, plasma etching method, and semiconductor device fabrication method including the plasma etching method
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1. A plasma etching method, comprising:
providing a plasma etching chamber having a gas supply, an electrostatic chuck having thereon a sample to be etched, a radio frequency source inducing a plasma on the sample, and a controller;
providing a gas from the gas supply to the etching chamber;
providing the electrostatic chuck with a first radio-frequency power having a first frequency;
providing the electrostatic chuck with a second radio-frequency power having a second frequency, the second radio-frequency power being greater than the first radio-frequency power, and the second frequency being less than the first frequency; and
providing the electrostatic chuck with a third radio-frequency power having a third frequency, the third radio-frequency power being less than the second radio-frequency power, and the third frequency being less than the second frequency,
wherein the second radio-frequency power is from 3 times to 5 times the first radio-frequency power.