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Methods of forming assemblies having heavily doped regions
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1. A method of forming an assembly, comprising:
forming a heavily-doped region along a surface of a first semiconductor material;
forming a protective material over the heavily-doped region;
forming a stack over the protective material;
etching through the stack to the protective material to form an opening through the stack and expose a region of the protective material;
oxidizing protective material within the exposed region to form an oxide;
forming lightly-doped second semiconductor material within the opening; and
out-diffusing dopant from the heavily-doped region, through the oxide and into the second semiconductor material; the out-diffusing forming a heavily-doped lower region within the second semiconductor material adjacent the oxide while leaving a lightly-doped upper region of the second semiconductor material above the heavily-doped lower region; the lightly-doped upper region and heavily-doped lower region being majority doped to a same dopant type, and joining to one another along a boundary region.