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Chalcogen precursors for deposition of silicon nitride
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1. A method of depositing a film, the method comprising:
exposing a substrate to a chalcogen precursor, the chalcogen precursor comprising one or more of a thiosilane, a selinosilane, and a tellurosilane and having a structure of Formula (I) MenSi(MR)4-n or Formula (II) Si(MR)4, wherein n is from 3 to 1, M is selected from the group consisting of sulfur (S), selenium (Se), and tellurium (Te), and R is selected from the group consisting of Ph, Ph-(p-CH3), Ph-(2,4,6-CH3), Ph-(p-CF3), and Ph-(p-NO2); and
exposing the substrate to a reactant to form a silicon nitride (SixNy) film on the substrate.