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Shield for a substrate processing chamber
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1. A shield assembly encircling a sputtering target that faces a substrate support in a substrate processing chamber, the shield assembly comprising:
(i) a shield comprising:
(a) an outer band having a diameter sized to encircle the sputtering target, the outer band having upper and bottom ends, the upper end tapering in thickness in the direction of the bottom end, and the upper end having a tapered surface extending radially outwardly and adjacent to the sputtering target;
(b) a base plate extending radially inward from the bottom end of the outer band;
(c) an inner band joined to the base plate and at least partially surrounding a peripheral edge of the substrate support; and
(d) a ledge having a first opening; and
(ii) a heat exchanger having a plate having (i) an inner perimeter comprising a circular aperture sized to fit around the shield, (ii) an outer perimeter comprising a plurality of sides, (iii) a conduit therein with an inlet and outlet to flow heat exchange fluid therethrough, and (iv) a second opening aligned with the first opening of the ledge of the shield, to allow a fastener to pass through the first and second openings to fasten the shield to the heat exchanger.