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Suspension assembly and disk device
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1. A suspension assembly comprising:
a support plate;
a wiring member on the support plate; and
a head supported on the support plate, wherein
the wiring member comprises a connection end portion extending outside the support plate, and a plurality of wirings, and
the connection end portion includes an opening with a predetermined length and thirteen or more connection terminals disposed in the opening and arranged at intervals in a direction of the length, and
the thirteen or more connection terminals include connection terminals for a write head, connection terminals for a read head, connection terminals for an assisting element, connection terminals for a heater, connection terminals for an HDI sensor, and connection terminals for a micro-actuator,
a width of the connection terminal positioned at an end portion in the direction of the length of the opening is larger than a width of the connection terminal positioned at a central portion in the direction of the length of the opening.