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Techniques for dynamic auditory phrase completion
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1. A computer-implemented method comprising:
utilizing an imaging device to capture image data of a user, or an input device to receive a physical input of the user, or a biometric sensor to obtain a biometric value of the user, wherein the image data includes a physical gesture of the user detected by the imaging device, and wherein the physical input includes a triggering input detected by the input device;
utilizing an audio capturing device to acquire a first auditory signal of the user and a processor to detect an initial phrase portion in the first auditory signal; and
using the processor to detect a request from the user to complete a phrase, wherein of the request includes (i) the physical gesture of the user, (ii) the triggering input of the user, or (iii) comparing the biometric value of the user to a threshold, wherein, in response to the request from the user to complete the phrase, the processor is configured to:
retrieve from a database a complete phrase that includes the initial phrase portion;
retrieve a supplemental phrase portion from the complete phrase that complements the initial phrase portion, the initial phrase portion and the supplemental phrase portion forming the complete phrase; and
utilize an audio output device to output an audio reproduction of the supplemental phrase portion.