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Dynamic context-based routing of speech processing
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1. A computer-implemented method comprising:
as performed by a computing system comprising one or more computer processors configured to execute specific instructions,
receiving a routing confidence request regarding whether any application of a domain is configured to generate a response to an utterance, wherein the routing confidence request is associated with a plurality of semantic representations of the utterance;
obtaining a set of contextual data items associated with the utterance;
identifying at least a subset of routing confidence providers associated with the domain based at least partly on an association of individual routing confidence providers of the subset with individual semantic representations of the plurality of semantic representations;
obtaining a plurality of routing confidence evaluations using the subset of routing confidence providers, the plurality of semantic representations and the set of contextual data items, wherein a routing confidence evaluation represents a degree of confidence that an application is to generate a response to the utterance; and
generating a response to the routing confidence request based at least partly on the plurality of routing confidence evaluations.