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Electronic device with wakeup word determined multi-mode operation
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1. An artificial intelligence device comprising:
a microphone configured to receive a speech input; and
a processor configured to:
recognize a first wakeup word for calling the artificial intelligence device in response to receiving a first speech input;
recognize a second wakeup word for setting an operation mode in response to receiving a second speech input;
operate in an interaction mode based on recognizing the second wakeup word; and
process one or more commands received after the second wakeup word according to the operation mode indicated by the second wakeup word,
wherein the interaction mode is selectable from among a conversation mode, a multiple request mode, a secret mode, an application setting mode, and a specific device call mode,
wherein the conversation mode is a mode in which a command is processed in consideration of a previous conversation, and is a mode for inducing mutual conversation with a user,
wherein the multiple request mode is a mode for collectively receiving a plurality of commands and collectively performing processing on the plurality of commands,
wherein the secret mode is a mode for deleting a conversation record on the artificial intelligence device,
wherein the application setting mode is a mode in which a speech recognition agent can be set based on a speech input, and
wherein the specific device call mode is a mode for enabling only home appliances designated by the user.