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Pre-training with alignments for recurrent neural network transducer based end-to-end speech recognition
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1. A data processing system comprising:
a processor; and
a computer-readable medium storing executable instructions for causing the processor to perform operations of:
receiving an audio input comprising spoken content;
analyzing the audio input using a Recurrent Neural Network-Transducer (RNN-T) to obtain a first textual output representing the spoken content, the RNN-T being pretrained using whole network pretraining, wherein the whole-network pretraining pretrains the RNN-T as whole using a cross-entropy (CE) criterion by pretraining an encoder of the RNN-T using a two-dimensional label matrix for each utterance included in training data to train an encoder of the RNN-T and by pretraining a prediction network of the RNN-T using a three-dimensional label matrix derived from the two-dimensional label matrix, wherein the CE criterion represents a divergence between expected outputs and reference outputs of a model; and
processing the first textual output with an application on the data processing system.