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Operation detection device for key operation of keyboard device, operation detection method of key operation, and keyboard device
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1. An operation detection device for a key operation of a keyboard device, the detection device comprising:
a conductive unit configured to be disposed on each of a plurality of keys;
a substrate configured to be disposed facing each of the plurality of keys in a pressing direction of the plurality of keys, and provided with:
a sensor comprising at least first and second coils, the sensor being configured to be disposed spaced from one key, among the plurality of keys, so that at least one of the first or second coil outputs a signal corresponding to a distance between the one key and the respective sensor, in a state where the conductive unit is disposed on the one key and the respective substrate is disposed facing the one key; and
a detection unit, including a processor, configured to detect a displacement of the one key in at least one of a yaw direction or a roll direction based on signals output from the first and second coils during a key pressing stroke of the one key.