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Display apparatus
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1. A display apparatus comprising:
a pixel array;
an optical modulator disposed on the pixel array and configured to modulate light emitted from the pixel array to corresponding angles;
a memory device storing information of a frame memory, information of a light map, and information of a view map, wherein the information of the frame memory comprises color information, material information of objects in the scene, and position information of the objects in the scene, the position information comprises surface normal vectors of the objects, and the information of the light map comprises intensities and locations of light in an ambient environment for viewing the scene; and
a controller configured to generate images of a scene with different lighting profiles corresponding to different viewing angles, wherein the controller generates the images according to the information of the frame memory and the information of the light map, and the images are displayed in the display apparatus through the pixel array at a same time;
wherein the pixel array comprises a plurality of pixels, and the information of the view map comprises viewing vectors of at least a portion of the pixels.