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Display device having adjusted driving voltage based on change in image signal
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1. A display device, comprising:
a display panel configured to display an image;
a controller configured to generate image data and to generate a first control signal and a second control signal in response to a first image signal and a second image signal;
a panel driver configured to receive the image data and the first control signal from the controller and to generate a driving signal in response to the image data and the first control signal to drive the display panel; and
a voltage generator configured to generate a driving voltage to drive the display panel and to change a voltage level of the driving voltage in response to the second control signal, wherein the first image signal corresponds to a second frame located before a third frame in which the driving voltage is changed, wherein the second image signal corresponds to a first frame located before the second frame, and wherein the controller is configured to generate the image data corresponding to the second frame in response to the first image signal and the second image signal.