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Photoluminescent signs
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1. An aircraft comprising a cabin having at least one emergency sign, the emergency sign comprising:
a base layer comprising a photoluminescent material arranged to be charged by electromagnetic wavelengths in a first range and arranged to emit electromagnetic emissions in a second range;
a barrier layer adjacent to the base layer, wherein the barrier layer comprises symbology or words printed in positive or negative form, the printed symbology or words being configured to block the transmission of light in the second range;
a print layer, the print layer comprising at least one of a printed color or a printed pattern and wherein the print layer is above the barrier layer and on a side of the barrier layer remote from the base layer, the print layer being at least semi-transparent to wavelengths in the first range and the second range; and
a mask layer provided between the barrier layer and the print layer, the mask layer being configured to provide an even and homogenous background to the printed layer, at least partially neutralizing the color contrast between the printed and unprinted portions of the barrier layer.