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Plugin system and pathway architecture
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1. A computing system for managing learning content, the system comprising:
a database configured to store:
a set of screen plugins, and
a server comprising a computing device coupled to a communication network and comprising at least one processor executing instructions within a memory which, when executed, cause the system to:
generate, for display on a client device, a graphical user interface (GUI) comprising a content editor for defining courseware, where the courseware includes a first lesson;
receive, via the communication network, user input comprising:
a pathway type selection, via the GUI, selecting a pathway type for the first lesson, the pathway type defining permissible pathway connections between at least two screen plugins of the first lesson;
a selection of screen plugins, from the set of screen plugins, indicating a subset of screen plugins to be added to the first lesson, each screen plugin of the subset of screen plugins including at least one screen;
content definition, via the GUI, defining content on each screen of the subset of screen plugins;
pathway connection information, via the GUI, defining one or more pathway connections between the screens corresponding to the subset of screen plugins in accordance with the pathway type; and
condition definition information, via the GUI, defining at least one condition for navigating the one or more pathway connections between the screens corresponding to the subset of screen plugins;
generate, from the pathway type selection, the selection of screen plugins, the content definition, the pathway connection information, and the condition definition information, a learning course content for a learning application; and
transmit, via the communication network, the learning course content to the client device.