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Method for providing a safe operation of subsystems within a safety critical system
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1. A method for providing a safe operation of subsystems within a safety critical system (SCS), the method comprising:
assessing a malfunction within a malfunctioning subsystem among the subsystems of the SCS;
sending, by the malfunctioning subsystem of the SCS, a malfunction signal via a communication unit of the malfunctioning subsystem to communication units of the other subsystems among the subsystems of the SCS, wherein the malfunction signal includes a cryptographic key being unique to the malfunctioning subsystem;
decrypting, by a control unit of each of the other subsystems of the SCS, the cryptographic key of the malfunction signal;
initiating collective safety management of the malfunctioning subsystem and the other subsystems when the decrypted cryptographic key is valid; and
communicating to the subsystems of the SCS that the cryptographic key of the malfunctioning subsystem is expired due to the sending of the malfunction signal;
wherein the cryptographic key is a one-time key such that it is not possible for the malfunctioning subsystem to send another valid malfunction signal to initiate another collective safety management until the malfunctioning subsystem receives a new cryptographic key.