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Fraud detection system in a casino
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1. A management system for a casino having a plurality of gaming tables, the management system comprising:
a recorder; and
a control device;
the recorder is configured to record a progress of each of one or more of a plurality of games played at one of the gaming tables as a respective image;
the control device is configured to perform an image analysis on the respective image to recognize respective positions, types, and numbers of chips on the one of the gaming tables wagered by one or more players in respective games of the one or more of the plurality of games, the recognition of at least one of the positions of the chips, the types of the chips, and the numbers of the chips being performed using artificial intelligence technology or machine learning technology; and
the recorder has an offset viewing angle capturing a plurality of betting areas on which can be recognized the positions, types, and numbers of the chips wagered by the one or more players.