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Gaming system and method for utilizing a mobile device to fund a gaming session
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1. A system comprising:
a processor; and
a memory device that stores a plurality of instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to:
establish a communication session with a mobile device based on the mobile device scanning, during a predetermined duration of time, a temporarily displayed machine-readable code associated with an identifier of an electronic gaming machine, wherein during different predetermined durations of time, different temporarily displayed machine-readable codes are each associated with the identifier of the electronic gaming machine, and
following the establishment of the communication session with the mobile device:
data associated with a gaming establishment cashless wagering account associated with an identified player and accessed via a mobile device application of the mobile device, and
data associated with a request of an amount of funds determined in association with the mobile device application of the mobile device, wherein the gaming establishment cashless wagering account is independent of any player tracking accounts associated with any players, and
responsive to an approval of the request of the amount of funds, communicate data that results in a credit balance of the electronic gaming machine being modified based on the amount of funds.