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Lottery ticket dispensing system
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1. A lottery ticket dispensing system, comprising:
a cabinet housing;
a lottery ticket array insertable into the cabinet housing, the lottery ticket array further comprising:
a plurality of individual bins in a stacked configuration, each of the bins comprising,
side walls and a bottom;
a dispensing unit inserted into an individual respective one the bins, the dispensing unit comprising a ticket compartment in which a continuous strip of lottery tickets is contained, the ticket compartment comprising a bottom and side walls and slidable into the respective bin, the dispensing unit further comprising an automatic separation module in which a leading ticket of the continuous strip of lottery tickets is automatically separated and dispensed from the bin;
the stacked configuration of bins insertable into and removable from the cabinet housing as a single unit having
opposite sides defined by the sides of the bins; and
a feed module operationally disposed between the ticket compartment and the automatic separation module, the automatic separation module detachably connected to a front face of the feed module and removable from the feed module without shutting down operation of the feed module.