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Presentation of a user interface for confirming unreliable group data
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1. A system comprising:
one or more cameras;
a memory storing computer-executable instructions; and
a hardware processor to execute the computer-executable instructions to:
access image data acquired by the one or more cameras;
determine a first user and a second user depicted in the image data;
determine first predicted group data comprising information about predicted members of a group, the predicted members including the first user and the second user;
determine a confidence level associated with the first predicted group data;
determine the confidence level is below a threshold value;
responsive to the confidence level being below the threshold value, generate user interface data, the user interface data comprising one or more of:
at least a portion of the image data,
one or more image elements,
information indicative of the first predicted group data,
information indicative of the confidence level, or
one or more interface elements; and
send the user interface data to a device, wherein the user interface data causes presentation of a user interface on a display of the device.