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Material spectroscopy
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1. A computer, comprising:
a processor; and
a memory, the memory including instructions executable by the processor to:
acquire a first image by illuminating a first object with a first light beam;
determine a first measure of pixel values in the first image;
acquire a second image;
estimate ambient light illuminating the first object based on the second image;
modify the first measure of pixel values based on a second measure of pixel values corresponding to estimated ambient light based on the second image, wherein the first and second measures of pixel values are first and second mean values calculated on first and second histograms of pixel values included in the first and second images, respectively;
perform a comparison of the modified first measure of pixel values to a third measure of pixel values determined from a third image of a second object, wherein the third image is previously acquired by illuminating the second object with a second light beam, wherein the third measure of pixel values is a third mean value calculated on a third histogram of pixel values included in the third image; and
when the comparison determines that the first measure is equal to the third measure of pixel values within a tolerance, determine whether the first object and the second object are a same object.