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Generating enhanced x-ray images using constituent image
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1. A system, comprising:
a memory that stores computer executable components; and
a processor that executes the computer executable components stored in the memory, wherein the computer executable components comprise:
a reception component that receives an original X-ray image;
an analysis component that analyzes the original X-ray image using an artificial intelligence (AI) based model with respect to a set of features of interest and generates a set of constituent images of the original X-ray image corresponding to the set of features of interest; and
an AI component that generates a plurality of enhanced image representations by partitioning the set of constituent images into a first subset associated with features of interest to be highlighted and a second subset associated with features of interest to be suppressed for respective enhanced images and applying image processing functions to the first and second subsets of constituent images to respectively highlight and suppress the features of interest in the respective enhanced image.