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Building system with automatic incident identification
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1. A method for identifying and managing incidents in a building management system (BMS) of a building, the method comprising:
separating, by a processing circuit, a text segment into one or more chunks based on parts of speech of words of the text segment;
identifying, by a processing circuit, at least one or more entities, one or more intents, or one or more keywords from the one or more chunks;
extracting, by the processing circuit, one or more parameters from at least one of the identified one or more entities, the identified one or more intents, or the identified one or more keywords, the one or more parameters comprising a piece of building equipment of the building and a characteristic of the piece of building equipment;
determining, by the processing circuit, a satisfied incident of a plurality of incidents based on the extracted one or more parameters, the satisfied incident identifying an issue with the piece of building equipment and associated with a second entity; and
transmitting, by the processing circuit, an indication of the satisfied incident to a computing device of the second entity.