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User interface for interfacing with human users
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1. A system for interfacing a computing system to a human user, the system comprising:
at least one processor unit programmed to perform operations comprising:
providing a user interface at a display of a user computing device, wherein the user interface comprises:
a positive financial profile indicator on the display;
a negative financial profile indicator on the display opposite the positive financial profile indicator; and
a user financial profile indicator describing a user, user financial profile indicator comprising a directed element that is pointable towards the positive financial profile indicator and is alternatively pointable towards the negative financial profile indicator;
receiving user transaction data describing a financial transaction of the user;
displaying at the user interface a financial transaction indicator indicative of the financial transaction;
determining that the financial transaction causes a negative change in a financial profile of the user;
receiving a first input from the user via the user interface, the first input classifying the financial transaction as a low-satisfaction transaction; and
responsive to the first input, modifying the user interface to point the directed element of the user financial profile indicator towards the negative financial profile indicator.