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System, method, and medium for obtaining user parameters of e-commerce users to auto complete checkout forms
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1. A system for auto completing checkout forms, the system comprising:
one or more memory devices storing instructions; and
one or more processors configured to execute the instructions to:
identify, based on interactions of a user device with a merchant website and on previously stored website information, an unfilled template of a checkout form associated with the merchant website, wherein the unfilled template of the checkout form comprises a plurality of checkout form fields;
determine a geolocation of the user device based on an Internet Protocol address of the user device;
provide the geolocation to a machine learning algorithm, wherein the machine learning algorithm is trained to identify an autofill recommendation for a checkout form field of the plurality of checkout form fields;
receiving, from the machine learning algorithm, the autofill recommendation, wherein the autofill recommendation is generated by the machine learning algorithm based on the geolocation provided to the machine learning algorithm;
assign an accuracy score to the autofill recommendation based on a comparison of the autofill recommendation with information manually populated in another of the plurality of checkout form fields of the checkout form; and
in response to determining that the accuracy score satisfies a threshold, provide the autofill recommendation to the user device.