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Data mesh based environmental augmentation
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1. A method comprising:
receiving, by a network system from a plurality of sources, data associated with a user, the data including inventory monitored by one or more of the plurality of sources;
authenticating, by the network system, an identity of the user based on an analysis of a portion of the data received from a mobile device carried by the user, the mobile device being one of the plurality of sources providing the data;
tracking, via one or more of the plurality of sources, movement of the user through an environment; and
augmenting one or more activities of the user based in part on the tracked movement and the data from the plurality of sources, the augmenting the one or more activities including:
facilitating payment by the user based on the user being at a particular location, the facilitating payment comprises causing the payment to be made without the user providing a security credential based on the authenticating of the identity of the user; and
providing a notification to the user regarding the payment.